Church Affairs is a cloud/online/web based church management system that gives you the power to totally manage the affairs of the church efficiently and adequately. It has features that are very easy to use and also very effective. Whether it’s tracking members, guests, finances, attendance, events, church growth etc, keeping the church management process organized has never been easier. Our aim is to assist your church. We are aware of the presence of other solutions for church management, we simplify your decision making – Church Affairs does not have hidden charges or contracts. Our purpose is to help you manage your church in the most efficient way.


We have got the expertise and years of experience, to solve the church management issues the right and affordable way. We at Church Affairs understand the problems in church management, the reason being that we are part of management in our churches and therefore have a better understanding of the needs of your church. Our solution is tailor made to work just the same way your manual system is operating. We are not in business of overturning your existing system (manual processes), rather we make it better. Our systems are fully automated thus allowing you to schedule tasks ahead of time. Our technical department is constantly working to improving our solution. Whether you are a General Overseer, Church Administrator, or just an enthusiast who has influence in your church, look no further, Church Affairs has your the growth and general well-beign of your church at heart.


Membership Management


This module allows the proper and accurate management of members of a church, for a church to be able to track its’ memb

Guest Management


Knowing your guests is vital, because building a good relationship could make them come back for an even nicer experienc



Knowing when a member is present or absent in church has been the headache of a lot of churches for a long time, it is c



Staying connected with your members is very essential to church growth, and so Church Affairs provides various means to

Financial Accounts

Financial Accounts

Churches run on money no matter what. That said, proper financial accounting will help keep the work of God running, the



What will a Church Management System be without proper reporting, Church Affairs has a very reliable reporting system, w

Chaffairs App keeps your members CONNECTED with you.

receive donations/tithes/pledges etc. from members/well wishers, send daily devotionals to members, send personalized notifications, members can watch your streams, read the bible, study sermons, listen and learn songs, mark their own attendance, send prayer requests and sooooo much more........

Amazing Features, Minimal Prices

We know church business. So Church Affairs has management tools that work the way you do.


SMS, Email & Mobile


Attendance System

Cross Platform

Cross Platform App


Financial Accounts


Branch Management

members and guests

Members & Guests

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