Church Affairs Management Software (CAMS) is a cloud based church management system that gives power to General Overseers, Church Administrators, Leaders and top management members to manage every area of the church efficiently in a stressfree and friendly manner. It comes with features that are user friendly and reduces the time spent in executing or performing routines that pertain to the basic and sometimes complex day to day running of the church. With CAMS, you have total control over the management of members/ guests, managing the general financial operations, proper management of events and timely presentation of reports for timely management decisions to be made.

Our vision is to provide the church with the tools that enable you have a true perspective of its’ growth. It also puts you the position to make amends to policies and strategies that would affect the growth of your church in a timely manner. Our solution is tailor-made to simplify the decision-making process of your church at the click of a button. Our core purpose is to help every church no matter the size (small or mega) to manage its’ operations in the simplest way using state-of-the-art technology which is affordable but very efficient and also does not come along with hidden charges of any kind.

The Story Behind

The modern-day church is a church which is currently burdened with so much challenges. Issues of managing, retaining and growing its’ numbers (various denominations) to the issues of keeping proper financial records, managing assets and managing the events calendar, loss of huge volumes of information due to systems crashing, fire outbreaks, theft etc.

The church is often faced with the challenge of how to overcome these challenges and more. Having carefully studied these challenges and the way they affect (the church) in diverse ways. One of such challenges is the cost involved in the putting in place the requisite infrastructure to have a church with several branches in different geographical locations (either a LAN or WAN). CAMS was developed as a one stop solution to help manage the activities of church operations irrespective of location. The major requirement to get CAMS operational for a church is internet connectivity.

We don’t only develop, deploy and implement CAMS, we go a step further as we also have very seasoned consultants who are very much adept at setting up all forms of network (Wired/ Wireless) either for the corporate office of your church or for the local church office.

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