Whether it’s tracking members, guests, finances, attendance, events, church growth etc, keeping the church management process organized has never been easier. The perfect Church Management Software for your church!



This module allows the proper and accurate management of members of a church, for a church to be able to track its’ members adequately an efficient system is required. Church Affairs Members Module has the option for any branch search, add, update and delete member's profile.



Knowing your guests is vital, because building a good relationship could make them come back for an even nicer experience. This module allows the proper and accurate management of guests of a church.



Knowing when a member is present or absent in church has been the headache of a lot of churches for a long time, it is crucial to be able to tell the rate at which your members are attending church programs. Church Affairs solves this problem in different ways; the manual, biometric (fingerprints) and smart cards



Staying connected with your members is very essential to church growth, and so Church Affairs provides various means to stay connected to members Currently we support sms, emails and push notifications. Be it devotional messages, event reminder notifications, special announcement etc.


Financial Accounts

Churches run on money no matter what. That said, proper financial accounting will help keep the work of God running, the purpose of this module is to enable the user add accounts with or without a calculation to another account. The account can also be assigned to just branches, members or both.



What will a Church Management System be without proper reporting, Church Affairs has a very reliable reporting system, which allows you keep track of every single activity in the church. Reports can also be generated into excel and pdf formats.

“It is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables” : Acts 6:2

It is extremely important to manage your church well – Our primary focus
is to make the process of church management very easy for you!

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